Adventure Log TalesEscaping Devil's Refuge<div><p id="isPasted">Helga (Team At Sea) can talk and see/hear through Chainsaw now, and does so. He is doing a dance for a gnome in a fancy dress with golden eyes. The lady seems to know Gnat King Cole and does not think highly of him. She says that they will talk later, and tells Helga where her friends are and sends her on her way.</p> <p id="isPasted">Chainsaw finds Ant in the woods…</p></div>Kayleigh LTue, 22 Nov 2022 18:21:57 -0500 Party<div><p id="isPasted">The Unsinkable II is docked at Devil's Refuge, on Mistbough Isle.</p><p>The Unsinkable is distinctly not a pirate ship; just a ship sailing out of Volos who are also members of the Pirate's Guild for reasons. This makes them, as non-pirates, targets.</p><p>There is a large castle town on top of a cliff with an elevator installed going up the cliff from the…</p></div>Kayleigh LTue, 25 Oct 2022 21:59:46 -0400 Angel Sisters<div><p id="isPasted">The party has a captive; Infinity. She was put to sleep as the rest of her group were escaping last session. She is tied up and complaining about it. She knows who all of the party members are, since she knew who was coming to the party. Cypher is trying to get information out of her, but it's not going super well. Cypher starts to marinate in the…</p></div>Kayleigh LTue, 27 Sep 2022 21:49:59 -0400 Party on the Archangel<div><p>The Archangel drops its own anchor, and the sails blow without wind, and the sea is eerily calm. Fletcher Gilt climbs to take a look and sees Lazarus leaving the ship and coming towards them. Lazarus starts doing spooky incantations on the beach in his spooky voice, but nothing seems to happen. He keeps waving his hands and tries again, then turns…</p></div>Kayleigh LTue, 07 Jun 2022 21:47:19 -0400 and his Dinghy<div><p>The crew decided to sail for the gravy stain, in spite of the Ranger's sub-mission to search for their lost party. (Fletcher declares: "That is not what we were hired for, and they were told explicitly <em>not</em> to go looking for them.") They set sail without consulting the Rangers; the Rangers are informed, but not given a vote.</p><p>After about a day's…</p></div>Kayleigh LTue, 26 Apr 2022 22:04:28 -0400 Not Pirates<div><p>Nathaniel Pierce of the TSS Indomitable boards the Unsinkable and demands to search the ship for contraband. Fletcher argues that we are operating on behalf of the Rangers, but they are in some distress under the ocean, and Fletcher would really prefer to be dealing with that thank you very much, and if they have to search they should get this…</p></div>Kayleigh LWed, 13 Apr 2022 09:09:04 -0400 - Carnivorous Kelp, the Tachrosi Navy, a Ribbiting Infinity<div><p id="isPasted">Because the crew knows that people are watching and paying attention to where they are going, in the interest of keeping their destination a secret, they are going and doing ranger stuff first, then to the gravy stain.</p><p>Nicholas is writing in his bunk with a light spell, which looks like spinning star patterns. Ant goes to bother him and ask what…</p></div>Kayleigh LTue, 29 Mar 2022 21:51:45 -0400 - A New Captain and a First Voyage<div><p>Agatha Smee appoints Fletcher as captain over the crew’s choice of captain by committee, of which she does not approve. When L A Smee died, she became the owner and now she needs to entrust the ship to someone who seems remotely qualified. She forbids the crew from going on any idiotic treasure hunts.</p><p>The crew immediately starts to expound on how…</p></div>Kayleigh LTue, 01 Mar 2022 22:34:09 -0500