Mauritius TalesDear Diary 12<div><p>Hey Son,</p><p>So I found your diary. You should hide it way better. Get a pocket dimension or something. </p><p>Don't worry I didn't read it. Your lovesick poetry or whatever is safe. Seriously, though, a diary? That's what bards are for. You have a bard, a good one. Get her to write down your shit. It'll be way better, trust me. Besides, you're a big damned…</p></div>Ryan ConsellTue, 19 Mar 2019 13:17:15 -0400 Mallow<div><p>So I don't know basically anything about music or, as it turns out, magic. But I do listen when people say things to me.</p><p>If I understand it right, Satrine is a song. Or at least she's the physical embodiment of a song. She doesn't sing the song, so much as the song sings her. If that's right, Odam, Avitu, and Partashah are like three movements of…</p></div>Ryan ConsellThu, 21 Feb 2019 23:49:04 -0500 Diary 11<div><p>Dear Diary,</p><p>I think I get it now, why my parents do really stupid things. Tia, too. They keep finding... putting themselves in situations where doing nothing isn't an option. </p><p>That's where the town is now. If we don't do something, the town will be swallowed by spiders, devoured by monsters, crushed by bandits, or all three. </p><p>The problem with seeing…</p></div>Ryan ConsellThu, 21 Feb 2019 14:02:24 -0500 Diary 10<div><p>Dear Diary,</p><p>For a couple of spontaneous and creative people, Mallow and Tails can be terribly predictable. They're like a pair of loaded dice. Ugh.</p><p>So they're cursed, or blessed, or gifted, or whatever. They're part of it. Now we have to worry that if we kill Avitu, it's going to impact them, as well. Great. Like this wasn't already…</p></div>Ryan ConsellThu, 01 Nov 2018 14:53:22 -0400 diary 9<div><p>Dear diary,</p><p>I think I'm leaking.</p><p>I don't think anyone has noticed yet, but they're starting to react to things that haven't happened yet.</p><p>I thought at first whatever was wrong with me was being spread to others because of our local enchantment problems. But if I focus hard, I can make it stop, or turn it up so much that the kids can outmaneuver…</p></div>Ryan ConsellWed, 17 Oct 2018 11:36:28 -0400 Diary 8<div><p>Dear Diary,</p><p>I've had a complicated day. </p><p>We rescued some kind of angel and they promised to make us a weapon that could kill the source of the curse. That's good right? Probably... yes. It just feels like the weapon they're building is going to be its own problem.</p><p>You know that song about the old woman that swallows a fly, and then through a series…</p></div>Ryan ConsellTue, 02 Oct 2018 16:36:06 -0400 Diary 7<div><p>Dear Diary,</p><p>This is probably my last entry. I know I say that kind of regularly, but we're descending into a cursed ruin that is turning everything in the area into monsters. I'm not really optimistic about this one.</p><p>I'm strangely comforted by the presence of a new... ally? Hellsteve Woereaper is coming along with us and it's sort of comforting.…</p></div>Ryan ConsellThu, 09 Aug 2018 09:34:41 -0400 Diary 6<div><p>Dear Diary,</p><p>So I had a weird day...</p><p>You know that curse, well it's raising restless spirits and giving them the power to control monsters, so that's fun. Also, the curse has probably grown to encompass the Reach... more fun. Maybe everyone has already been transformed into a flaming purple ember monster and our idleness has doomed them all!</p><p>Well fuck.</p><p>…</p></div>Ryan ConsellThu, 26 Jul 2018 10:22:41 -0400 Diary 5<div><p>Dear Diary,</p><p>I recovered my boot from the bog. I'm still working at getting all the mud out of it. I really like these boots so I'm not going to give up easily. Some things are worth fighting for.</p><p>Unrelated, some Tony guy came to duel me. I lost, of course, but it was weird. I don't think he wanted me to lose. He was way better than the other people…</p></div>Ryan ConsellMon, 09 Apr 2018 10:22:22 -0400 Diary 4<div><p>Dear Diary,</p> <p>My powers are coming back and I'm not as happy about it as maybe I should be. After that weird weaponized polyhedron transport thing nearly cooked my brain while trying to incorporate me into its control system, my psychic powers were pretty much completely burnt out. It seemed permanent. I could barely even mend my clothes. </p> <p>It was…</p></div>Ryan ConsellMon, 22 Jan 2018 11:01:11 -0500