Grey TalesLog 3<div><p>"The best kind of feast<br>Is the one you go home from<br>With food still in your belly<br>With wits still in your head<br>With blood still in your veins"</p><p>- Goliath Proveb</p> <pre>&lt;log&gt;Ellywick is very upset. I attempted to ease her upset with a carefully proportioned application of sympathy, liquor and jazz. It had mild theraputic effects, however the…</pre></div>Ryan ConsellTue, 10 Mar 2020 14:02:24 -0400 2<div><p>"A traveler cannot bring<br>A better burden on the road<br>Than plenty of wisdom<br>It will prove better than money<br>In an unfamiliar place"</p><p>    - Goliath Proverb</p> <pre>&lt;log&gt;I fear that I have rather exposed myself.I have been too eager to offer support without being asked, too capable, too self-directed. Why?I know how to behave as a golem. I have…</pre></div>Ryan ConsellFri, 21 Feb 2020 11:49:43 -0500 1<div><pre>&lt;log&gt;Today I left the city walls for the first time in 227 years. The fields are much as I remember them, but they stretch on farther. The forest is no longer visible from the city.I am travelling with friend Ellywick and friend Toshi.Friend Toshi is eating things again. It's helpful when they tell me what things taste like, though I…</pre></div>Ryan ConsellFri, 07 Feb 2020 11:06:01 -0500