Isolation Games!


Wednesday Nights (6:30-10 ET), biweekly starting maybe tomorrow? If not then April 8th

  • B
  • Bug
  • Esther
  • Kayleigh
  • Ryan C
  • Topher

Friday Nights (6:30-10 ET), biweekly starting March 27!

  • Andrea
  • Emma
  • Nicole
  • Marine
  • Tim

Thursday Nights (6:30-10 ET), biweekly starting April 2nd!

  • Dan
  • Luke
  • Lynne
  • Sarah
  • Michael
  • Stephen G


First Session

  • You'll need an account at to log in and use dice. We'll use my private Zoom for voice and video. 
  • First session, we'll iron out technical issues, socialize, and make sure everyone is set up. 
  • We'll talk about our principles.
  • We'll ALSO decide on a game idea. 

Campaign Plan

  • I wanna run batches of three sessions, which means about six weeks? Then we'll revisit what we're doing and how the isolation is going. 
  • We're gonna play rules light games that let us skip to the action and move forward quickly, and create characters in play rather than 

Game Ideas

This list is a work in progress

  • Exodus
  • Gala Heist
  • SPACE!
  • Scientific Discovery
  • Romeoville, Illinois
  • Magicians (Not wizards, magicians)
  • Mechs!

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