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October 10, 2017
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My notes from the Lightning Round!

  • Phase 1: Connection
    • Jeff met Brent through a glitterbomb party prank, at Brent's birthday party
    • Laura and Ryan bonded as kids over a dog in the vineyard, cementing their friendship forever.
    • Kayleigh hid Harun when his vengeful ex was hunting for him, and her subsequent conversation with said ex left little doubt as to who is a pretty, fluffy kitty. 
    • When Harun first came to town, it was Brent who offered to close up his small wine shop and turn it into a forge, giving him a place and a fresh start. 
    • Jeff and Laura bonded over a rainy night, drinks, and cat puns. 
    • Kayleigh accidentally stepped into a duel Ryan was having, and collected a stab wound for her trouble. It got better. 
  • Phase 2: Confidences
    • From Ryan, we learned that Brent's wife is a formidable organizer, a native to the town, and the de facto mayor. 
    • From Laura we learned that Kayleigh broke something Jeff's and couldn't fix it. She tried to pin it on him, but it may come out in a moment of stress. 
    • From Brent we learned that Ryan secretly resents his parents, but has to keep up the act of being the Panther Claw Master and all the rest of it. 
    • From Kayleigh we learned that Harun's deepest fear is being existentially alone, with no one who cares about him. 
    • From Harun we learned that Laura has a crush on a trader who comes through town, currently unrequited, a man who always has time to make a kid smile and laugh. 
    • From Ryan we learned that Jeff spent a week as a human and had a tryst with Harun's ex. She is currently pregnant. 
  • Phase 3: Catalyst
    • Kayleigh - 10 of Winds - The pain of building new family - She missed the raid, and failed to defend the town. Her colony is gone, and she didn't get a chance to raise a hand. 
    • Ryan - Ace of Suns - The birthright of heroism - The raid was revenge on his parents. He fought valiantly, and did his duty. 
    • Jeff - 8 of Stones - Investment in the town's future - After the raid, he immediately pitched in to help the town rebuild, and inherited the Scratching Post for his troubles. 
    • Laura - The Oak - No one left behind - Conjuring healing brews as fast as she could, she couldn't save everyone from their wounds. 
    • Harun - 4 of Stones - No more innocents - He was one of the raiders, firing long shots into the town and trading bolts and spells with Brent. Regretting his actions, he changed sides, but damage was done. No one knows but Brent. 
    • Brent - 6 of Suns - My town, my fortress - A former TSR magus, he rallies the town to defense, working with the townsfolk to repel the attack. His home is his last bastion, and no one will take it from him.