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Jim Tigwell said 5 weeks ago

The prophecy from the library. 

Stanza 1

Daughter of flame and mother of magic,
The First Witch stood proud amidst creation,
A sea of souls ablaze

Stanza 2

Seven old gods and nine foolish mages
Conspired to slay her immortal will.
Still her song abides

Stanza 3

It sings of Odam, the sly summer maid,
Whose blade cuts weakness from spirit and flesh
The night's own surgeon

Stanza 4

Witch of the water and kindler of souls,
Avitu walks with gift, song and smile,
The mother of monsters.

Stanza 5

Granting the eldest home in her army
Partashah forges all into one.
Shadow commander

Stanza 6

Stone spellbinder and city of sinners,
All who sing the hymn fail to wake it.

A chorus of dust

Stanza 7

When traitor's heir joins with House of halos,
The angel of the edge marks chosen line
Her coven endures

Stanza 8

When the stars grow cold and three are one,
The ember hymn meets chosen slayer
So ends her refrain

Stanza 9

While her song is stilled, the world finds order,
Free from her unbridled creation.
Beginnings. Must. End.

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Jim Tigwell said 2 months ago


  • Adventures
    • Encounter with Sheol: 140
    • Lyev Decree: 140
    • Recruit a cartographer: 140
    • Learn the secrets of the bookseller: 220
    • Defeat Marcus: 460
  • Goals
    • Rasmus: Drive out Demon's Dirge
    • Rennie: Learn to read - 2/5
    • Sacha: Elect a real councillor
    • Bedi: 
    • Avis: 
  • Adventure log: Done. Thanks Marine!
  • Reflections: 
  • Player vote: No vote

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