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Welcome to the home of Ilderan Tales, a pair of 5th Ed D&D games. 

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On these chill adventures, heroes explore the land of Temir, finding conflict, treasure, love, and comedy.

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August 9, 2018

Dear Diary 7

Ryan ConsellMauritius
August 1, 2018

Vote for order

Marine DuDuSa-cha
August 1, 2018

Heigh Ho

Marine DuDuAdventure Log
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Photo of Jim TigwellOffline
Jim Tigwell said 5 days ago

XP for August 9!

  • Adventures
    • Confront the truth and defeat the Nothics: 360
    • Discovered the Angel's Forge: 90
    • Discovered the Tinker's Playroom: 90
  • Goals
    • Aiya: Save Asha
    • Mallow: Be the subject of a song they didn't write
    • Mauritius: Win a duel
    • Tails: 
    • Venayo: 
  • Adventure log:  Done! Thanks Luke.
  • Reflections: 
  • Player vote winner: The vote is ongoing! Need a message from Luke Bayne‍! 
Photo of Jim TigwellOffline
Jim Tigwell said 10 days ago

XP for August 1!

  • Adventures
    • Lightning Round!: 140
  • Goals
    • Rasmus: Drive out Demon's Dirge
    • Rennie: Learn to read - 1/5
    • Sacha: Elect a real councillor
    • Mike: Become M'Toya's greatest apprentice - 3/5
    • Bedi: Get a good night's sleep in a regular bed: 140
    • Avis: 
  • Adventure log: Done. Thanks Marine!
  • Reflections: 1, still time to submit more. 
  • Player vote: No vote

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