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Posted by Jim Tigwell – 4 years ago
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XP for Feb 1st!

I decided to start breaking it down, rather than XP just being an ambiguous number that accumulates in the top right corner until I go "Grats on your level!"

  • Ren becomes a fighting circle sensation and faces down Sergeant Attala: 275
  • Dorian musters his ambition and risks dinner with a dragon: 200
  • J, Bird Girl, and Giacomo intervene to save a friend: 345
  • Social Encounters & Ambitions Pursued: 210
    • Bird Girl tracks down Jacob Fletcher and his son: 70
    • Rinn tries to understand his magical challenges: 70
    • Åke searches for information on the world's mystics: 70
  • Adventure log: 225
  • Reflections: 150
  • Total: 1,405 xp

You can still submit Reflections to your character's blog until the beginning of next session!

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