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Posted by Jim Tigwell – 16 months ago
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XP for April 19!

  • Adventures
    • Defeated the Displacer Beasts of Rill Iryss: 233
  • Goals
    • Aiya: Save Asha
    • Lindall: 
    • Mallow: Be the subject of a song they didn't write
    • Mauritius: Win a duel
    • Strago: Establish trade with the minotaurs
    • Tails: 
    • Venayo: 
  • Adventure log: 
  • Reflections: 
  • Player vote winner: Jeff

It looks like we've got a pile of goals to fill, so expect me to be in touch about that in the Slack. 

Still time to send in and Adventure log, and you can submit reflections until the start of the next session for xp bonuses!