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Posted by Jim Tigwell – 5 years ago
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Hey everybody, the Ilderan Tales community is now PUBLIC. Our joy and shame is exposed to the world. 

Things that are public include: 

  • The wiki
  • All the campaign pages
  • Reflections and adventure logs
  • Each campaign's wiki section and membership
  • All of the microblogs EXCEPT the private channels. 

Things that are still private include: 

  • Your personal profile. 
  • The private microblog channel for each campaign
  • The campaign calendars showing the dates and times we play
  • Any secret reflection channels that exist. 
  • Pretty much anything I haven't specifically mentioned. 

People online can see content here, but they can't post or comment. Any tweets that go to the @IlderanTales account won't show up here unless I specifically add their author to the filter.