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Jim Tigwell said 3 years ago

Hey nerds, welcome our new player, Elise! She'll be joining us for the end of the campaign, and into the next ones!

I'm super excited to have her, and I'm sure you'll all make history. 


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XP for April 19!

  • Meli and Muse burgle Jovi Buffet: 370
  • GEFF's concert raises his profile: 425
  • Gene handles his sister's death: 225
  • Reflections: 150
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XP for Apr 5!

  • Overcoming the templars: 755
  • The rebirth of several characters: 350

Still time for reflections/adventure log!

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XP for Mar 22!

  • Defeating the Terror of Sheol: 750
  • Fighting the ensuing fire: 210 
  • Follow-through in Skipping Town and Face the Gatekeeper: 385
  • Reflections: 150
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Hey everybody, the Ilderan Tales community is now PUBLIC. Our joy and shame is exposed to the world. 

Things that are public include: 

  • The wiki
  • All the campaign pages
  • Reflections and adventure logs
  • Each campaign's wiki section and membership
  • All of the microblogs EXCEPT the private channels. 

Things that are still private include: 

  • Your personal profile. 
  • The private microblog channel for each campaign
  • The campaign calendars showing the dates and times we play
  • Any secret reflection channels that exist. 
  • Pretty much anything I haven't specifically mentioned. 

People online can see content here, but they can't post or comment. Any tweets that go to the @IlderanTales account won't show up here unless I specifically add their author to the filter. 

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Jim Tigwell said 5 years ago

Hey, if you have twitter, leave your handle below so I can add you to the twitter filter! 

Also, with the community going public, we now have a private feed here. Using the Share With option, select #privatehilt to post something visible to members, but not the public. 

See you Wednesday!

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August 20, 2015 at 0806PM.jpeg

We had a great character creation on Thursday night! Everything from playful halflings, to dark elf exiles, bodyguards, rockstars, and bird rangers. It's a thing.

One of the questions that's come up a lot is who's in what game, and what nights those games will be on. 

Judging from the polls, Mondays and Wednesdays are the preferred nights. Games will be once every two weeks, so we've got a bit of wiggle room there. Here are the arrangements so far: 

Game 1: Definitely Wednesday

Game 2: Probably Monday or Wednesday

Next character creation is on Wednesday night at the Adventurer's Guild! See you there, for those of you who haven't made characters yet, or those who want to come and hang out!

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Luke Bayne:Replied 5 years ago
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Jim Tigwell:Replied 4 years ago

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