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Posted by Jim Tigwell – 21 months ago
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Lightning Round notes! Finally!

  • Phase 1: Connections
    • Elise strives to make an authentic guinea pig for Rich, who teaches them a bit of Tabaxi in return. 
    • Dani's apprentices keep getting burns, and Marine's apothecary shop carries just the right salves
    • Kyle scolds Andrea for her urchin antics when she's younger, but grows to care for her, and wants to shepherd her sorcerous power. 
    • Marine inspect's Elise's deli routinely, with exacting precision. Elise makes guinea pig for her though, surprising her with a Tabaxi delicacy. 
    • Kyle was a fan of Dani during their pit-fighting days, and quietly maintains his fandom. His view of the past is through rose-coloured glasses, and lets Dani be a fan of themselves, in a way. 
    • Andrea beat Rich out for the auction of a book, and they joined forces in fending off some toughs who wanted to pry it from their hands. 
  • Phase 2: Confidences
    • From Elise, we learn that Kyle's house is full of old keepsakes and stacked high with books. He's always lived alone. 
    • From Rich, we learn that Dani had a brief relationship with Randolf, Rich's fellow apprentice. They're still awkward around each other. 
    • From Dani, we learn that the secret ingredient to the many coloured drinks served at the deli is nothing. They taste identical, but the foodies from Hightown insist that they can taste the differences.
    • From Kyle, we learned of Rich committing to an act of plagiarism in  a public lesson. Rich was caned by the witch M'Toya when she found out. 
    • From Marine, we learned that Andrea is afraid of flying insects, after conjuring a swarm of locusts during her first wild surge. 
    • From Andrea, we learn that Marine studied under the matriarch of her village before coming to the big city, but feels guilty about the matriarch's death, regarding it as a failure of care. 
  • Phase 3: Catalyst
    • The Demon's Dirge came to the Foreign Quarter, infecting the hopeless and disrupting the city. 
    • Elise - Stand against the man - During the quarantine, they board up the deli, but refuse to close, using it as a hospital. When the Watch comes to shut them down, they fight them off with raw strength. 
    • Marine - No rest for the wicked - Forms Militance Against Demon's Dirge, an organization dedicated to spreading vigor and hope to ward off the disease. 
    • Kyle - Shelter even for my enemy - Takes in a city official's son who is infected, keeping them safe from the Watch. 
    • Dani - Masquerade - Commissioned to make masks to ward off the plague. Everyone think they're magical, but Dani knows better. They make a tidy profit, though. 
    • Rich - Turncoat - Finds a group of Watchmen being beaten by a mob, and fights the mob off. Some of the Watch think they're loyal, and some of the Foreign Quarter residents think they're a traitor. 
    • Andrea - Don't tame it, aim it - Infected with the dirge, sees their power dwindle. Finally purges the disease from themselves by conjuring their first powerful spell.