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January 29, 2019
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Intelligence from the Thieves' Guild is copied in a neat hand, and presents a profile on Tress, as well as the details of her movements for several weeks. Here are the high points


Tress Lazarus appeared seemingly out of nowhere, a spellcaster of no small ability and fortune. The mystery of her fortune flagged her as a person of interest, though operations have been paused due to the inability to establish her past connections and the fact that Tress Lazarus is undead (suspect Revenant, returned to life for specific purpose. By whom? For what?). She boasts no access to the Moon Quarter or above, and has sought refuge with the witch M'Toya. 

Her demeanor is haughty and abrupt (suggests aristocrat...Dragon?), and she's had to be halted several times from obliterating belligerents with her power, typically accompanied by one of the other apprentices (suggests mistrust). Spotted alone however, she can clearly evade them when she needs to. 


Tress is no wizard. She casts spells on her own, without the aid of books (Lightning Bolt, Magic Missile, Mirror Image). Her magic is limned in black, and she excels in the spell versatility that sorcerers pride themselves on. 


  • Tress browses at Petrelli's Poisonous Pets, and has been inquiring about venomous drakes. 
  • Late at night, no fewer than three times in the past week, she's visited the Demon's Echo alone. She sits by the well, but shows no sign of infection. 
  • She avoids Oks seemingly at all costs, occasionally taking circuitous routes to reach her destination. 

Known Associates

  • M'Toya et al (Jasper, Villeneuve, Mike, Randolf: Providing shelter and training
  • Vaxjo: (Taste for fine cheeses?) Five visits so far.
  • Krik (Impoverished half-elf): Several meetings marked by mystical tension. 
  • Mantike (StellarisTertius): Single meeting. No further information. 
  • Demetrios (Mercenary Captain): Several inquiries about spelunking expeditions, but no contracts. 


Avoid at all costs. Ambitious and dangerous, does not hesitate to exercise force to achieve ends. Ambitions run counter to the mission, but no discernible way to move or remove the target yet.