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July 13, 2018
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While the Crow Doctor is collecting the relics into their bag, they pause for a moment on a few of them, and hand them to you. There are a few shocked sounds from the exiles as they do, but the Doctor knows best. 

Tails: The Doctor scoops up a length of Tall Grass tartan and gives it a shake. Frowning, they shake it again, and wrap it around Tails like a cloak or mantle, pinning it with a small bone charm. Despite its weight and age, it feels fresh and cool, pooling without limiting his movements. "From what I've seen, you'll need this," the Crow Doctor grins, a thin smile at a joke only he gets. 

Over the next few nights, Tails finds the cloak fits better than any other, its enchanted weave able to ward off burrs and blades alike. 

(Cloak of Protection, +1 to AC and saving throws)

Mauritius: The shards of the stone dagger are retrieved, and the Crow Doctor spits on the largest one and hands it to Mauritius. "Still an edge left. Spit on this and whet your blade tonight, son of Denyr'tha."

The blade he sharpens with it is transformed, lighter and sharper. the grain of the edge taking on a dark, feathered texture. 

(The whetstone sharpens the blade, granting a +1 to hit and damage.)

Aiya: Plucking a fingerbone wrapped in beaded twine from the Uninvited Guest, the Crow Doctor's raven parts with a feather. Offering it to Aiya, he braids it into her hair. "For our honourable dead." It hangs to the side, and she can feel the weight of the knowledge she carried returning to her, a fragment of what she brought back from the door. 

Over the next few nights, the knowledge flows in slowly, and she apprehends things about memories she never noticed in the moment. Arcane charms she once struggled with become trivial, and she sees the world through clever eyes. 

(Headband of intellect, Intelligence becomes 19)

Venayo: The Crow Doctor approaches Venayo last, eschewing the relics in the dirt for a dagger on his belt. Takis's dagger, a hiltless knife forged by the Empty Fire people. Those black eyes meet Venayo's. "He never forgave you. He tried and failed. He hated you in his final moments for maiming his body and spirit." With a grunt of effort, they bend the dagger, twisting it into a crude armlet. "Wear this, and remember that strength alone is never enough."

When Venayo finally puts on the armlet, he's filled with physical power, But while stronger than he's ever been, wearing the dagger doesn't come without pain. 

(Gauntlets of Ogre Power, Strength becomes 19)

That's all the treasure! Each of those magical items requires attunement, and none of them have names. They're a great topic for a reflection, as your character acquires a relic of power.