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Jim Tigwell said 18 months ago

Greetings nerds!

I haven't forgotten about you, or this! I'm prepping for two weddings right now though, and traveling at the end of the month to run games at Dragon*Con, so life is currently happening!.

What's this?

This is our online space. Use Forgot Password to set a password, and log in with your email! In time it'll have character blogs wikis, playlists, and more. It's a whole thing. 

I've also sent out invitations to the Slack, where we have a channel set up for chats, and you can chat with people in the other games. 

Next Steps

Our next steps are talking about a theme, and scheduling our first session. I'm juggling scheduling with our smallest player, my niece Alice, but I think Saturday, Sept 22 is our best bet for a first session. We'll talk about what we want the game to be about, and make characters together. 

I'll post some more ideas here, and I invite you to explore the other Campaign spaces, and see what everyone else is up to. Throw any questions you have here, or reach out to me through email, or one of my many chat programs. 

Welcome to Ilderan Tales!

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Carrie M:Replied 18 months ago

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