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Posted by Jim Tigwell – 5 years ago
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Thanks for joining us for Fire Over Therengrad! 

We had Jes Brown‍, John N‍, Kyle Campbell‍, and Laura Von‍, and it was a blast.     

It was tense as hell, and a really good time. You can read all about it when our Adventure Scribe Jes Brown‍ gets her chronicle online. It was a pretty historic mark in the city's history though, with some beautiful character moments. 

Of course, the game doesn't end with the end of the session. Here are some things to keep it going here. Make sure you're signed in before clicking the links, fyi. 

I might set up a poll soon with some options for our January One-Shot, so keep an eye open for that. I'm also brainstorming a way to reward people for writing reflections and scribing for the one-shots, so if you've got ideas, leave them in the comments. Speaking of comments, if you write a reflection or character article, be sure to comment with a link, so we can check it out!

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