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Coolest Day Ever

By Dani R

Ok, so ... Mother can never find out how amazing that was. She would never let me out of her sight if she knew I could have that much fun just exploring the grounds.

I mean, it might be a good idea to let Irine know about the giant centipedes and massive snake-thingys crawling around under her fields. But they haven't affected the harvest as far as I can tell. Maybe they're good for aerating the soil or something?

I thought Grey was just some stuffy robo-butler, but he is freaking badass, just slicing those centipedes apart with his walking stick?! And Willingly, the Burard's bookkeeper, just smashing the crap out of stuff with his hammer? Ellywick climbing into the massive snake-thingy to retrieve that dude's head? Elly's always been a bit odd though, so maybe that shouldn't have surprised me.

And I shot a centipede in the face with an arrow, that was pretty neat too.

And yeah, some of it was just really weird, like that hand running around by itself, the headless guy, and the other guy in the jar? Oh, and the brown jelly that smelled like soup... my arm still feels a bit wonky where it slimed me. I can't imagine what that stuff would do to someone's tongue... I'm a little concerned about Sun (actually, for many reasons).

I hope Grigori's Kenku friend recovers. He almost died, like, a lot. At least it kept them both distracted from trying to figure out where they knew me from.

I can't wait until next time. Man I hope there's a next time.

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By Dani R

Ugh. Mother seems to think that the best use of my time is to take a group of random folks on a tour of the fields in search of some kind of lost cargo. She couldn't even tell me what it was, except that it was some kind of "savoury entertainment". Whatever the hell that means.

And just to make things even more complicated, the dwarf in charge brought along Grigori. He didn't seem to recognize me-- I mean, he's not the most observant individual-- but that giant Kenku that follows him around was definitely suspicious. I have to keep my eye on that one. I just wish I'd known ahead of time... I would've worn long sleeves.

At least it gives me an excuse to ride Boreas through the fields all day. The rest of these folks are mostly on foot, so I'm not gonna get much speed on, but it's better than standing still.

Maybe we'll find something interesting out there. Oh who am I kidding, there's nothing interesting out there.

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