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Posted by Jim Tigwell – 3 years ago
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I've started doing work for the new campaigns in October. Here's a draft of some of the ideas I've been bandying about, and some examples of campaigns I'm interested in running. Comment below with any thoughts, questions, or ideas!

Random stuff

  • Find a new way to store character sheets. Duotangs in the table, maybe? A drawer for each campaign. 
  • Charge inspiration based on Traveler cards. Consider changing the reward for the player vote to make inspiration more fluid. Not sure to what?
  • Think about holding an XP reflection moment for the last half hour of every session. Let players decide how they receive XP. 

Campaign Ideas

  • Homesteaders
    • There's a new town on the frontier, and you're some of its first settlers. Life on the edge of civilization is hard, and fortunes can be made and lost. Take up shovel and blade and join the ranks of Temir's homesteaders, and shape not merely your destiny, but your home's. 
    • We'll build the town together, and it'll serve as a home for one or both campaigns, changing and improving through choices and time. The town itself is a character. 
  • The Foreign Quarter
    • The Foreign Quarter in Tachros is home to cultures from across the region, often neglected by the Senate and the city watch, though it's been the birthplace of many a hero in the past. This campaign aims to tackle small stories, ranging from political and infrastructural problems to the creeping doom that seems to have found its way into the Foreign Quarter's underbelly. 
    • We'll build the neighborhood together, and the campaign won't really leave it, focusing on intensifying the relationships and complexity there.
  • The Faction game
    • Explore a faction in Temir, like the Frontier Rangers, Wizards of the Coast, or Spellbinders. The particulars would depend on the faction, but the campaign would focus on status, rank, favours, and shaping the region and the faction itself. 

These are going to evolve a bunch, but if there's stuff you're stoked for, it can help us focus on that. In general, the next campaigns will be set 20 years after the end of the current ones. 


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